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It’s time to redefine beauty, your way!

Welcome to Yaafeh! It's a pleasure to have all you handsome hunks and beautiful belles exploring our platform.

We believe that this marks the beginning of a wonderful journey for the both of us, not to mention, a lasting relationship. You matter the most to us and all of our offerings are curated keeping your utmost satisfaction in mind. We promise that you’ll never find another like “US”!

Our Secrets of Splendour

Made in India

We’re proudly local and Indian, using only the very best of natural and responsibly sourced ingredients to ensure zero skin damage caused by harmful chemicals.

Ayush Certified

We especially believe in the power of Indian Bamboo and its superior cleansing properties. Using Ayurvedic formula and natural ingredients, we’re here to redefine skin & hair-care in India, for Indians.

Cruelty Free

We swear on a pinky promise that no animal has suffered in the creation of our products. We proudly endorse the anti-animal cruelty initiative, and without a shadow of a doubt, you can trust that all of our products are animal-friendly.

One for All & All for One

Our products strive to bring splendor to not just specific, but all skin types. You can enjoy each of our articles without a worry in your mind. Just SHINE ON and leave the rest to us!

Inspiration Behind the Inception of YAAFEH

Beauty has always stirred the world. It implores us to look, acknowledge and marvel, but most importantly, to act. To strive for beauty is nothing short of sacred because it invokes action and most importantly, endearment and love. Beauty is neither frivolous, nor fleeting. It is both, the inner, the outer and the being that represents it. If our body is a temple, then our countenance is the altar that deserves to be cherished and maintained. And it is this very belief that gave birth to Yaafeh. At Yaafeh, we believe in ‘Responsible Beauty’. Beauty that aims to uplift, to complement your natural being and promote consciousness and positivity. Come, shop with Yaafeh and join the natural revolution today.